Become an Analytics Manager With an MBA

There are many different positions in the field of business analytics, and a lot of them provide a substantial salary. An MBA could help you break into management if that is your ultimate goal. You can use it to gain a more thorough understanding of just how important data has become for businesses across all industries. Then you can take that knowledge to become a manager of analysts.

What an Analytics Manager Does

Data is more important than ever in regard to companies’ decision-making processes. As a result, business analytics professionals are in high demand. Data is so important, in fact, that some analysts quoted in U.S. News & World Report have described it as “the new oil.” It has to be refined in order for decision-makers to use it properly.

Analytics managers are key to making data work for their companies. They lead teams of analytics experts who turn raw data into meaningful information so companies have a clear picture of how to make their products or services better — and how to get ahead of the competition.

Attributes of a Successful Analytics Manager

While the field of analytics may be booming, it takes specific characteristics to excel in the role of manager. Here are a few of the skills and qualities companies are looking for.

Leadership skills: Whatever the title, good managers know how to motivate their teams to achieve successful outcomes. Managers also need to be comfortable networking with professionals both inside and outside the company to build relationships.

Communication skills: Data is critical to the success of just about any company. But if C-level executives don’t know how to use it, then it is basically useless. Analytics managers need to know how to communicate with those executives. They have to turn dry data into reports that are easy for non-experts to understand. A successful analytics manager will be able to tell a compelling story with data, making it meaningful enough so executives have the information they need to take action.

Problem-solving skills: An analytics manager will be immersed in complex data, and often subject to random requests for rush reports. Analytics managers have to be able to take incomplete, incorrect or unorganized data and work with team members to turn it into something meaningful — often in a very compressed time frame.

Knowledge of trends: It is crucial to be aware of trends in business intelligence. Staying on top of advancements in data-gathering technologies will be key to achieving a team’s objectives.

Committing to an MBA

Pursuing an MBA — especially in an area as complex as business analytics — involves a great deal of research. It will take hard work and commitment. Once you attain it, however, you will have a well-rounded business education that could provide substantial rewards.

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