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Faculty Profiles

The supportive, experienced online faculty at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville is committed to helping you advance your professional skills and career goals.

Meet the Faculty

Business Faculty

Dr. Ariel Belasen Associate Professor

"Students should be able to connect the theoretical applications in each course to actual practical tools and outcomes in their careers."

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Dr. Robyn A. Berkley Associate Professor

"Online courses aren't easier than face-to-face classes, but are more convenient. Be prepared to give an online course your time and attention and work consistently."

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Dr. Rakesh Bharati Professor

"I want my students to gain proficiency in financial theories and practice. The student, after completing my courses, ought to be able to function in most generalized financial roles in any organization."

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Steven Brant Instructor

"I enjoy sharing and communicating knowledge I've learned throughout my career to help students prepare for and/or continue a successful career."

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Dr. Riza Demirer Professor

"The job market is very competitive and professional qualifications are needed to stand out in the crowd and get the job you want. [A] master's program provides this opportunity, and the online option offers the flexibility you need."

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Dr. Edmund K. Hershberger Associate Professor and Chair

"Do not begin any online graduate program until you are ready to fully commit to completing it. Online programs are just as (if not more) difficult as traditional programs, and you have to be very self-motivated and disciplined."

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Jenni Hunt Instructor

"The best advice I have from my experience is to prepare early and to set up ways to connect with your students throughout the course/program."

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Dr. Tim Jacks Associate Professor

"Be prepared to work, but it will be worth it!"

Learn more about Dr. Tim Jacks >>

Dr. Jingyi Jia Associate Professor

"I like teaching."

Learn more about Dr. Jingyi Jia >>

Dr. Sungho Kim Associate Professor

"I love to disseminate knowledge to students and the field and also to nurture human resources."

Learn more about Dr. Sungho Kim >>

Dr. Mary Sue Love Associate Professor

"Make the effort to tie everything you are learning to your work life; use your experiences to help you deepen your understanding of the concepts."

Learn more about Dr. Mary Sue Love >>

Dr. Gertrude P. Pannirselvam Associate Professor

"I have been teaching at SIUE since 1995; before that I taught (as a PhD candidate) at Arizona State University."

Learn more about Dr. Gertrude P. Pannirselvam >>

Dr. Gregory Sierra Associate Professor and Director, MSA Program

"My courses help improve competency to ensure faithful representation and good business judgment for corporate employers and individual clients."

Learn more about Dr. Gregory Sierra >>

Dr. Stanislaus Simon Solomon Assistant Professor of Management

"My objective for the class is to introduce students to both the theory and application of quantitative methods in dynamic and uncertain business environments."

Learn more about Dr. Stanislaus Simon Solomon >>

Dr. Joseph Vithayathil Associate Professor

"I hope to make a lasting impact on student lives and careers in the areas of ethics, professionalism and technology."

Learn more about Dr. Joseph Vithayathil >>

Dr. Clay K. Williams Associate Professor

"I want students to learn something about how and why we would want to use different kinds of systems from a business perspective, when it makes sense for a business to invest in systems and when not, and some of the challenges associated with using IS effectively."

Learn more about Dr. Clay K. Williams >>

Chris J. Winter Instructor

"[I want students to learn] how to use the materials covered in the course to make marketing decisions and direct marketing management."

Learn more about Chris J. Winter >>

Education Faculty

Dr. Yuping Zeng Associate Professor

"Understand the expectations and develop a time management strategy."

Learn more about Dr. Yuping Zeng >>

Connor See Instructor

“I want to ensure that all students not only feel represented in our school’s curricula and instruction, but also feel valued and supported.”

Learn more about Connor See >>

Jennifer Dowdy AOP Instructor

“I want students to have a better understanding of why they do what they do in the classroom.”

Learn more about Jennifer Dowdy >>

JoAnne Curvey Instructor

“I have enjoyed almost 35 years of educating students and staff while taking care of families and my community.”

Learn more about JoAnne Curvey >>

Melissa Thomeczek Associate Professor

"I want students to leave my class with learning activities, lessons and units that they can immediately implement into their PK-12 classroom."

Learn more about Melissa Thomeczek >>

Taryn Gaskill Instructor

“Be organized, give 100% in discussions and activities, and look forward to the growth from all the learning that will occur!”

Learn more about Taryn Gaskill >>

Vicki Van Tuyle Associate Professor

“Students learn the knowledge, skills, dispositions and practices of effective school leaders.”

Learn more about Vicki Van Tuyle >>

Yuliang Liu Professor

Learn more about Yuliang Liu >>

Cara Lytle Instructor

“I want my students to experience some of the impactful tasks required of an effective school leader.”

Learn more about Cara Lytle >>

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