Jobs With an MBA in MIS

For those with skill and interest in advanced information technology and information systems, jobs are plentiful in the data-driven, digitized world of global commerce. Even entry-level jobs are fairly lucrative. And for those who ascend to information systems management and executive positions, the earning potential can be staggering. Yet moving up to manager, director or executive necessitates more than information technology and systems expertise. These high-level managerial positions require advanced management and administrative skills.

The online Master of Business Administration with a Management Information Systems (MIS) Specialization from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE) provides a comprehensive understanding of a broad range of organizational and technological management subjects. Whether you aspire to become project manager, director of information systems, or chief information and technology officer, this degree program will prepare you for success in the expanding MIS field.

How Can an MBA in MIS Accelerate the Pursuit of Career Opportunities?

SIUE’s MBA in MIS integrates the two seemingly disparate areas of information systems and organizational management.

Core MBA coursework prepares students for the roles of general business management and leadership, focusing on areas such as accounting, finance, communication, marketing, strategic decision-making, organizational structure and behavior, risk-management, and quantitative analysis-based problem-solving.

Students also study information systems and technologies in depth, from both the mid-level and strategic management perspectives. At the heart of this study is learning how to design and implement effective information systems based on decision-making informed by theory and analysis as well as an organization’s structure and information technology needs.

This integration of information systems and technology management with generalized business management and administration offers the skills and knowledge to be effective in management or executive roles. And, of course, an MBA can be useful in landing these jobs and negotiating higher compensation packages. 

An MBA in MIS Qualifies Me for What Management and Director Positions?

Positions in mid- and upper-level MIS vary in scope and responsibility. Some focus more on specific information technology projects (i.e., IT project manager and senior project manager), and some are specifically analysis-based (IT business analyst or senior analyst). And at the general management level are IT managers and information systems managers. IT directors often oversee broader operations and strategic planning.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the median annual pay for computer and information systems managers in 2017 was $139,220. But BLS salary data for this occupational area includes higher-earning chief information officers (CIOs) and chief technology officers (CTOs).

What Are the Highest Paying Jobs for Those With an MBA in MIS?

A logical goal of earning an MBA in MIS would be to rise through the tiers of information systems management. A specialized MBA in the field can certainly help when pursuing high-level management and executive positions within a company. Experience, performance on the job and seniority also factor in.

At the top of this field are the CIOs and CTOs (or positions with similar titles), and they are generally the top earners. CIOs and CTOs often have overlapping duties, although the title “CTO” may connote more technical expertise. Depending on the size of an organization and levels of management, CIOs and CTOs may conduct strategic planning according to an organization’s IT goals and needs, design and implement MIS accordingly, and oversee IT managers, directors and other department staff.

Other forms of compensation can push what CIOs and CTOs make exponentially higher. Take an example from In 2017 T-Mobile’s CTO made an already impressive $598,462. But, adding bonuses, stocks, and other fiscal perks, his real earnings for the year topped out at nearly $5,700,000.

A career in MIS can be both fascinating and extremely lucrative. For those with the drive to master the technological and managerial aspects, earning an MBA in MIS from SIUE can open many possibilities for career advancement and increased earning potential across an array of industries.     

Learn more about the Southern Illinois University Edwardsville online MBA with a Management Information Systems Specialization program.


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