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How Do Principals Support Teachers?

Educational leaders are vital in shaping the culture and success of a school. Graduates of the Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE) online Education Specialist (EdS) in Educational Administration with a Specialization in Principal Preparation program possess the skills and knowledge to understand the fundamental responsibilities of a principal toward their teachers.

Principals are not just administrators; they are the cornerstone of support for educators, ensuring that they can create safe and productive learning environments for students.

Creating a Positive and Collaborative Teaching Environment

One of the key responsibilities of a principal is to set clear and reasonable goals for their school and staff. By establishing a vision for the school, they give teachers a sense of purpose and direction. This can include academic goals, behavior expectations and the overall culture of the school. For example, a principal might set an objective to improve student reading proficiency by 10% within a year. This specific target empowers teachers to design effective strategies and monitor progress.

In addition to setting goals, principals must provide teachers with the necessary resources and professional development opportunities. Graduates of SIUE’s online EdS – Principal Preparation program understand the importance of resource allocation and budgeting. They learn how to secure funding, allocate resources effectively and invest in professional development programs that align with teachers’ needs. For instance, if teachers want to integrate technology into their classrooms, the principal should ensure access to training and resources to support this endeavor.

Effective communication and collaboration are essential for a thriving school environment. Principals, as educational leaders, should actively listen to their teachers and incorporate their ideas and suggestions. This inclusive approach fosters a sense of ownership and investment among educators.

Students in this program will gain insights into effective communication and collaborative strategies, such as conducting regular staff meetings, maintaining open-door policies and seeking input from teachers when making decisions that impact the school. For example, a principal can initiate regular feedback sessions for teachers to share their thoughts on school policies or instructional approaches.

Providing constructive feedback is another vital aspect of a principal’s role. SIUE’s program educates future principals on the art of feedback that promotes growth rather than discouragement. For instance, when addressing a teacher’s classroom management, a principal should offer specific examples of both effective and ineffective practices, along with actionable suggestions for improvement.

Principals should also cultivate a safe, respectful teaching and learning environment. Graduates from this degree program are trained to recognize the significance of school culture in fostering positive relationships and well-being, including addressing such issues as discrimination, bullying and teacher burnout. By creating an environment where teachers feel respected and valued, principals ensure that educators can focus on providing the best education to their students.

How Principals Can Help Teachers Thrive

Support strategies may need adjustment during challenging situations, such as workplace conflicts or prolonged emergencies like a pandemic. SIUE’s degree program can provide future principals with crisis management and conflict resolution skills.

In a conflict situation, a principal should act as a mediator, promoting open dialogues and finding amicable resolutions. In an emergency like a pandemic, a principal should prioritize the safety and well-being of teachers and students, providing them with the necessary resources and support to adapt to the new circumstances, whether through remote learning or implementing health and safety protocols.

Options in Principal Preparation at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

For those who have not yet earned their master’s degree, the online Master of Science in Education (MSEd) in Educational Administration with a Specialization in Principal Preparation program offers an excellent opportunity to gain the knowledge necessary to become an effective educational leader. This program provides the foundation for future principals to excel in their roles by creating thriving educational environments. Principals are pivotal in supporting teachers and creating a positive and collaborative teaching environment.

Graduates from SIUE’s online EdS – Principal Preparation program understand the multifaceted responsibilities of a principal, from setting clear goals to providing resources, incorporating teacher input, offering constructive feedback and fostering a respectful school culture. These skills are invaluable for educational leaders who want to empower their teachers and provide students with the best education possible.

Learn more about SIUE’s online Education Specialist in Educational Administration with a Specialization in Principal Preparation program.

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