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Leadership Skills for Teachers

Teacher leaders are educators who work in the classroom and take part in administrative roles. A successful teacher leader requires one skill set to work with and encourage students, while another set of skills is useful for administrative roles.

An online Education Specialist in Educational Administration with a Specialization in Teacher Leader from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE) can prepare graduates to build leadership and administrative skills with an in-depth study of teacher mentorship, professional development, coaching, curriculum and instructional development and more.

The online program’s innovative Leadership in Educational Technology course builds on an educator’s expertise in leveraging technology to enhance student experiences, including mastery of remote learning techniques. The skills learned in this program also transfer to other career paths outside of the classroom, such as those in nonprofit development, community outreach, curriculum development, training directors and more.

Important Skills Teachers Should Have

Whether teaching, coaching, mentoring or advising, the role of the teacher leader is essential to the educational process of students and the professional development of other educators. As the world of education changes, teachers need to change with it to accommodate students and their needs. Leadership trends and important issues related to education evolve and fluctuate in an environment that is affected by socio-economic, political and public health factors. Educators who stay abreast of the trends that impact leadership can influence their students and leave a significant impression on their peers.

Here are some ways the curriculum for the SIUE’s online Educational Specialist in Educational Leadership with a specialization in Teacher Leader program arms professional educators with the breadth of skills to navigate various types of leadership:

  • Display cultural intelligence. Teachers and leaders need to develop their cultural intelligence to understand how individuals discern cultural issues and how these issues influence their actions and behaviors. This understanding helps teachers make decisions for their class and demonstrate collaboration and communication skills to create a comfortable and culturally inclusive classroom.
  • Effective communication. Building communication skills to effectively interact with students, colleagues, staff, parents and administrators can help teachers in leadership roles. Precise communication influences behaviors, actions and responses and is a key leadership skill every teacher should have.
  • An educator that is adaptable and flexible can handle unexpected change. Whether it be unforeseen behavioral issues, the sudden move to online learning, changes in the curriculum or modified leadership responsibilities, a teacher who can handle unexpected change can continue to make a positive difference in the lives of their students.
  • Being Tech Savvy. By taking courses — such as Emerging Technologies in Education, Leadership in Educational Technology and Computers in Education: Theory and Practice — educators can keep on top of the current technological trends in education. Therefore, technology in the classroom can help teachers deliver lessons effectively, engage students and stay creative.

A respected and effective teacher typically has the skills to become a successful teacher leader. Those in leadership positions would be wise to mentor and encourage budding teacher leaders in the hopes that they will mentor the young, up-and-coming teacher leaders of tomorrow.

Next Steps

In this 100% online degree program, students will develop an understanding of equity, ethics and social justice as applied to educational practice; use school data and research evidence to identify problems and develop meaningful solutions; and develop a professional knowledge base integrating both research and practical knowledge linking theory with inquiry. Building relationships and partnerships with diverse communities by demonstrating strong collaboration and communication skills is another skill this program highlights.

Learn more about Southern Illinois University Edwardsville’s online Educational Specialist in Educational Leadership with a specialization in Teacher Leader program.

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