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Become a Teacher Leader in Illinois With an EdS in Educational Administration From SIUE

Teacher leaders play a pivotal role in the education system, extending their impact beyond the classroom to positively influence school and community success. The role of a teacher leader demands a unique set of skills and attributes, including instructional expertise, strong communication and collaboration skills, the ability to mentor and coach peers and a commitment to continuous professional growth. They are tasked with fostering a culture of innovation, promoting best practices and serving as advocates for students and their colleagues.

The Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE) online Education Specialist (EdS) in Educational Administration with a Specialization in Teacher Leader program provides degree candidates with the essential competencies to excel in this role. This program focuses on enhancing candidates’ instructional leadership, curriculum development and assessment skills, enabling them to lead educational initiatives effectively. By providing candidates with advanced knowledge in educational leadership, data-driven decision-making and communication strategies, they are qualified to pursue various career paths.

The SIUE program ensures candidates meet the requirements for Illinois’ Teacher Leader Endorsement. To attain this endorsement, candidates must complete the necessary coursework, demonstrate proficiency in the identified competencies and fulfill the state’s stipulated internship or field experience hours. The program also integrates state standards and priorities to ensure candidates meet the specific needs of the Illinois educational system. This adherence to state requirements makes SIUE’s program a valuable resource for educators seeking leadership roles within Illinois.

What Will I Study in SIUE’s Online EdS – Teacher Leader Program?

An Educational Specialist (EdS) in Teacher Leader program is designed to prepare educators for educational leadership roles. The primary goal of an EdS in Teacher Leader program is to provide educators with advanced knowledge and skills that enable them to take on leadership roles within schools.

The curriculum for SIUE’s program includes coursework related to instructional leadership, educational research and technology, curriculum design and evaluation, data-driven decision-making and leadership strategies. It also involves field study, where candidates can apply what they’ve learned in real educational settings.

What Are My Career Options With an EdS Degree?

As for professional roles, graduates of SIUE’s online EdS – Teacher Leader program can pursue various career opportunities beyond the traditional classroom setting. Below are some key positions, including descriptions and their average salaries:

  • Teacher leader. In this role, graduates serve as instructional leaders within their schools or districts, collaborating with colleagues to enhance teaching practices and improve student outcomes. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average salary for instructional coordinators, a role closely aligned with teacher leadership, ranges from $42,000 to $105,210, depending on education, experience and geographic location.
  • Curriculum specialist. Graduates can be curriculum specialists responsible for developing and evaluating educational materials, aligning curriculum with standards and implementing innovative teaching strategies. Curriculum specialists earn an average annual salary of $59,450.
  • Educational consultant. Graduates may become educational consultants, working independently or with educational organizations to provide expertise and guidance on curriculum development, professional development and instructional improvement. The average salary for an educational consultant in the U.S. is $67,384 annually.
  • School administrator. Some graduates may aspire to leadership roles like assistant principals or principals, where they can guide the overall educational direction of a school. The average salary for elementary, middle and high school principals is approximately $101,320 per year.

How Will SIUE’s EdS – Teacher Leader Program Prepare Me for School Leadership Roles in Illinois?

The role of a teacher leader is multifaceted, encompassing instructional leadership, mentorship an advocacy. SIUE’s online EdS – Teacher Leader program prepares candidates for leadership roles and helps them meet Illinois state requirements. Graduates can explore diverse career opportunities, each with their own unique set of responsibilities and earning potential.

Learn more about Southern Illinois University Edwardsville’s online EdS in Educational Administration with a Specialization in Teacher Leader program.

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