New MBA? Get a Great Job Quick With These Interview Tips

Now that you have your MBA in hand, your career is set, right? Well, almost. There is still that all-important interview to complete before you can begin the next phase of your career. Your best asset, of course, is the wealth of business knowledge you’ve gained. An MBA, like the online Master of Business Administration at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, gives you a competitive edge in the job market. That, coupled with these simple interview tips, will set you on the path to success.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Whether you consider yourself a natural communicator or not, it never hurts to be prepared. To practice going through the interview process, write out common interview questions on white cards and randomly pick one to answer. Take the exercise seriously by imagining that you’re speaking to your recruiter. Be mindful of your posture, body language and manner of speech. If you have difficulty getting through a specific question, take a deep breath and try again.

For even better feedback, invite a friend or trusted colleague to conduct a mock interview. Recording yourself is another way to review and improve upon your performance.

Adhere to the Rule of Three

Don’t overload yourself or your interviewer with a dozen reasons why you would be a good hire. The average person can only retain five pieces of related information at once. By answering in groups of three (your three best qualities, for example), you can present your strongest attributes, communicate clearly and remain memorable.

Be a Storyteller

An interview is not a presentation. By the time you meet your potential new boss or hiring manager, he or she already knows about your formal education and achievements. The fact that you’ve landed an interview shows that, at least on paper, you’re qualified for the job.

The interview process is a chance for the interviewer to assess your personality and the other “soft” qualities that are vitally important for determining whether you’ll be a good fit for the company or not. When you’re asked to describe yourself, describe yourself as you would in a more casual setting. Tell your story. That could involve briefly describing your family heritage and any obstacles you’ve overcome to arrive in your current position.

If there’s a personal, non-business story that exemplifies your best character traits, share it. Remember to always end by explaining how the story or digression is relevant to the interview or potential role within the company.

Research the Company Before You Meet

If a company is taking the time to learn about you, take the time to learn about the company. You can gain information from online articles, news stories and quotes from the company’s CEO. During your interview, make a point to pepper your conversations with any relevant insights you’ve gained from your research. The idea isn’t simply to flatter the interviewer with colorful tidbits about his or her company; showing that you’ve taken the time to understand your prospective employer exhibits a level of professionalism and attention to detail that may land you the job.

Gain Interview Confidence With an MBA from SIUE

Businesses are looking for new hires who have confidence and a broad base of business skills. An online MBA from SIUE delivers both qualities. The degree teaches decision making, accounting, economics, leadership skills and more.

Learn more about the online MBA program at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.


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